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Berea Ladderback Project




Learn Jeff's rules to make strong joints and listen in as we discuss when and how to safely break them.

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Build your understanding of how these chairs are held together. This video series will take you from basic vocabulary to creating your own designs.

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Get ready for your build. Find out which tools, templates, and jigs you'll need to build these beautiful chairs. Then learn how to set them up and use them during the build.

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Learn to shape all the parts for your chair. From using a drawknife and spokeshave to create beautiful and complex shapes by hand to turning precision tenons on the lathe.

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A series of free videos that take you through the entire process of building a Berea Ladderback Side Chair. From log selection and milling through seat weaving and finishing. A companion to the Class Manual and a great resource to refer to as you build a chair in your home shop.

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Every video we've ever made about building the iconic Brian Boggs designed Berea Ladderback Chairs.

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