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Assembly Jig for
Post and Rung Chairs


From Jeff...

Assembling a post & rung chair is often a somewhat uncontrolled, anxiety producing experience. I have seen many hours of work carefully shaping parts ruined by an assembly process that is haphazard and that does not provide the careful control needed to consistently assemble a chair successfully. This assembly jig, which I have used for many years, is my solution to a successful assembly. It gives you complete control over the assembly process, and used in conjunction with hide glue (which has a long open time), allows you to work slowly and deliberately.

This 23 page booklet shows you how to customize the jig to any chair, walks you through an entire chair assembly process, and includes all dimensions. The jig can be built in half a day using just plywood, glue, screws, and a little bit of solid wood.

Get a closer look at the jig...

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