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Build The Berea Ladderback At Home




The fall session of the Joint Effort Berea Ladderback Class will have you sitting in your very own Brian Boggs designed chair at this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you'll learn every aspect of making a ladderback chair. From selecting lumber, to bending and hand shaping curved parts, all the way through final assembly with hide glue.

You'll work at a steady pace in your own shop with your own tools. But you won't be doing it alone.

You'll be building alongside a small group of students as each of you makes your own beautiful chair. And I'll be there to guide you through each step of the process.

This small group setting is proven to provide the accountability, structure, and support you need to both start and finish your chair.

Subscribe to my FREE mini prep course to learn all about the materials, jigs, tools and techniques we use to build this beautiful chair.

From Day One

As soon as you enroll, you'll receive:

116 Pages

Side Chair Manual 

  • Fully Illustrated

  • Created by Jeff Lefkowitz

  • $55 Value

50+ Hours

Pre-Recorded Instruction

  • Lifetime access

  • Every step of the process

  • $150 value

275 Illustrations

Arm Chair Manual 

  • 131 Pages

  • Created by Jeff Lefkowitz

  • $55 Value

10% Off

Remote Student Discount

Everything you need to build your first chair

  • Router Templates

  • Jigs and Supplies

  • Pre-Bent Parts

Class Time

During the session, you'll have access to:

Every Week

Small Group Video Chats

  • Dive Deeper

  • Review the week's work

  • Request a special demo


Student Forum

  • Share your work

  • Ask questions

  • Get help

Use your tools,
not your vacation days.


A remote class like this can save you thousands of dollars by eliminating the cost of travel and lodging. And because you're working from home, you don't have to worry about using your vacation days to cover missed work.

Build your first chair,
then a whole set.


By building the jigs and gathering the necessary tools, you'll overcome one of the biggest hurdles to chair making in your own shop.


With that obstacle removed, you're far more likely to go on to build the next one.

Enjoy the journey
with an experienced guide.


I've helped dozens of woodworkers to build their dream projects. Each of them with a unique set of tools and skills.

As a guide, my job is to find the path that works best for you, look ahead for signs of danger, and help you solve any problems that come up along the way. This is a challenging build, but it's my goal to make it an enjoyable one.

Don't just start.


At home students who work within this small group format are 4 times more likely than solo builders to finish their chair.

Berea Ladderback
What you need to know.


First week of class - September 2nd, 2024

Cost - $800



  • Time Commitment - With tool and skill sets being so varied, it's a challenge to estimate this number. I aim for students to spend 4-6 hours per week working on their chairs. This number can go up if you decide to build the necessary jigs during the the build. You'll also need to plan time to watch through the instructional videos. Since they can be streamed anywhere and at any time, most students fit them into small bits of down-time in their schedule. Please take a look at the schedule to get an idea of what we have planned.

  • Skill Level - This class is built for woodworkers of all skill levels. If you are new to hand tools like the Drawknife and Spokeshave, you'll need to allow yourself some extra time to work during the shaping portions of the class.

  • Power Tools - Currently the class is designed for shops that are equipped with a Drill Press, Lathe and Plunge Router. With a little ingenuity, a tenon cutter, and some hand tool skills, I can help you find ways to get by without the Lathe and the Router. But the the Drill Press is pretty much required. You can see a full tool list here.

  • Hand Tools - Other than the Drawknife and Spokeshave, there are very few specialty hand tools required. You can see a full tool list here.

  • Materials - Class begins with pre-bent parts. Parts can be bent by you, or purchased from me. Bending instructions for the Rear Legs and Slats are included in the Videos and the Manual, but we will not be allowing time for bending as part of the 10 week schedule.

  • Jigs and Templates - Starting with pre-bent parts reduces the need to build the bending and drying jigs, but you will still need several jigs. Most of them are simple and easy to make. A few of the more complicated ones can be purchased from me.

Want to learn more about getting ready for this class?

Subscribe to my FREE mini prep course to learn all about the materials, jigs, tools and techniques we use to build this beautiful chair.

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