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Berea Ladderback

Build the Berea Ladderback
at Home

Build one of these beautiful and iconic post and rung chairs, originally designed by Brian Boggs, during this 12 week class (breaks for holidays may extend this timeline).

Learn to select the best materials, shape complex parts using drawknife and spokeshave, assemble strong joints with hide glue, and weave a flat reed seat.

At the end of class you’ll have a beautiful, completed chair.

Class fee includes:


  • Unlimited access to all pre-recorded video instruction

  • Fully illustrated, 100+ page, class manual pdf's for BOTH the Arm and Side Chair

  • 12 week structured build schedule

  • Twice-weekly video chat check-ins with the me and the group - Wednesdays at 3pm CST and Thursdays at 8pm CST

  • 24 hour access to our private Builder's Forum to share your progress, ask questions and get help between meetings.

  • 10% Discount on all parts kits, templates, and jigs that are required for the build.




  • Skill Level - This class is built for woodworkers of all skill levels. If you are new to hand tools like the Drawknife and Spokeshave, you'll need to allow yourself some extra time to work during the shaping portions of the class.

  • Power Tools - Currently the class is designed for shops that are equipped with a Drill Press, Lathe and Plunge Router. With a little ingenuity, a tenon cutter, and some hand tool skills, I can help you find ways to get by without the Lathe and the Router. But the the Drill Press is pretty much required. You can see a full tool list here.

  • Hand Tools - Other than the Drawknife and Spokeshave, there are very few specialty hand tools required. You can see a full tool list here.

  • Materials - Class begins with pre-bent parts. Parts can be bent by you, or purchased from me. Bending instructions for the Rear Legs and Slats are included in the Videos and the Manual, but we will not be allowing time for bending as part of the 12 week schedule.

  • Jigs and Templates - Starting with pre-bent parts reduces the need to build the bending and drying jigs, but you will still need several jigs. Most of them are simple and easy to make. A few of the more complicated ones can be purchased from me.

Upcoming Classes

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