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Build one of these beautiful and iconic post and rung chairs, originally designed by Brian Boggs, during this 7 day class. You and one other student will learn the how and the why as you practice each step in the process.


Learn to select the best materials, shape complex parts using drawknife and spokeshave, assemble strong joints with hide glue, and weave a flat reed seat.

At the end of class you’ll take home a beautiful, completed chair.

Class fee includes all materials and a fully illustrated 100+ page class manual.

Arm Chair $1,650

 Side Chair $1,450

Registration Open Now

September 29 – October 5, 2024

October 27 – November 2, 2024

$300 Deposit due at registration

Berea Ladderback

Build the Berea Ladderback

Don't have time to travel for class?

You can learn to build the Boggs Berea Ladderback at home.

Introduction to Post & Rung Chair Making:
The Mudroom Stool

Mudroom Bench
2 Stools.jpeg

If you’re new to the world of chair making, this 4 day class is made for you.


 First, you’ll learn to sharpen, maintain, and use the two most essential tools in chair making — the drawknife and spokeshave. Then you’ll get plenty of practice as you learn to shape each part of this beautiful post and rung stool, make strong joinery with hide glue, and weave a flat reed seat in a herringbone pattern.

Class fee includes all materials.

$500 - Cherry

$550 - Walnut

Registration Open Now

November 15–18, 2024

$250 Deposit due at registration

Build a Split-Top Roubo


Build your woodworking skills as you build the workbench of your dreams.


In this 7 day class, with the help of some heavy duty machines and basic hand tool techniques, you and one other student will each build a Plate 11 Split-Top Roubo Workbench.

At the end of class you’ll take home a beautiful new workbench with a Dovetailed End Cap and Benchcrafted Hardware.


And you'll have greater confidence as you work in your home shop.

Class fee includes materials for an all Silver Maple Workbench and a full set of Benchcrafted M Series Leg and Tail Vise Hardware.


Registration Open Now

September 8–14, 2024

$1000 deposit due at registration

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