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❓ How will you watch?

Will you skim the surface or dive deep?

You've got two ways to watch this week's video.


Just want to get an overview of the process?

The Essentials Cut is for you!

Get a look at the process without a bunch of extra commentary.


Looking to go a little deeper?

The Extended Cut shows you the process and expands your learning with helpful tips that apply to each steps of the process.

This week you'll take your practice leg from 4 sides to 8.


The research for my remote classes moves to a new phase today.

Jeff is on his way to the shop here in Ozark, MO. We'll be co-teaching 4 students as they build a complete chair over the course of 7 days.

Teaching in person is a valuable step towards developing an effective remote class. It shrinks the feedback loop and gives me a better understanding of each student's capabilities and potential struggles.

There's nothing better than learning in person. But in-person classes aren't an option for most woodworkers.

So I'm working hard to build the second best way to learn. 😀

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