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Shaping the Practice Leg - At-a-Glance

This week's video is a condensed version of the entire practice leg shaping process. I hope you've enjoyed following along.

But what I really want is for you to get out into the shop and make one!

Please send some photos when you do. I have a little surprise for the first person who gets it done.

There's much more to learn in each individual video.

If you'd like to learn more about a particular step, here are links to the entire series:


Why Link to YouTube?

When you watch these videos on YouTube you're helping others discover the Joint Effort.

Each week's video goes live on YouTube just a few minutes before this newsletter goes out. When you watch the video right away, it sends a signal to their algorithm that people are interested. The algorithm responds by offering the video to more people.

YouTube is my discovery engine. When you watch the videos on their site, you're putting fuel in the tank.

And an engaged audience is like a turbo boost, so please like and comment on the videos there as well.

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