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True Face And True Edge Times Two

When you're truing up stock with hand tools, standard procedure is to true one of the wide faces. When that's done you can square and true an adjacent edge to that face. You can then use the square corner and two faces as reference to bring the other face, edge, and ends into true.

It's process that involves a lot of checking, re-checking and sometimes a good deal of fiddling with the work. But it's not too complicated once you understand it.

I'm doing something different here.

I'm planning on cutting two parts from this single piece of stock. So I've created two true face/edge pairs. I'm not concerned with whether the opposite faces are true to each other, only that each has one adjacent true edge.

Now I can rip the board again and end up with my two parts. Each one with a true face and edge.

There's always a chance the board has a bit of tension in it and the parts will be out of true when the ripping is done. But I was watching for that when I ripped the stock out of the board. The kerf didn't open or close as I worked. So I should be ok.

We'll see.

If you'd like learn more about all the steps between “Rough” and “True” I'm building a mini course to show how it's done. Send me an email and I'll let you know when it's ready.


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