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What's the best way to learn woodworking from a video?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

This week's video is the introduction to a new series. And it includes some of my thoughts about the best way to learn at home from woodworking videos. As you make your way through each video, you'll learn to shape a practice leg from a square blank to a tapered cylinder.

And you'll do it completely by hand... with nothing but a Drawknife and Spokeshave.

This is a practice exercise that every student completes on the first day of each Berea Ladderback Side or Arm Chair Class. It's so important to developing your hand tool skills that we decided to make it part of the Joint Effort's collection of Free Chairmaking Videos.

We also created a FREE template you can download if you'd like to make a leg blank and follow along.



Thinking about teaching your own class?

The Chairmaker's Toolbox has partnered with The Furniture Society to offer a Class and Workshop titled Designing and Pitching a Class.

It will be taught by Annie Evelyn and takes place Tuesday, April 25th.

Enjoy your time in the shop this week!

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