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"Yes. And." Instead of "One or the Other" - Vol I

The Joint Effort is about expanding your options, not limiting them.

You don't have to abandon your power tools. Our goal is to help you add hand tools to your skill set.

I don't enjoy preparing all the stock for each of my projects completely by hand. Usually, I'm happy to let the machines take care of the dirty work so that I can get on to the "fun stuff." You know... Cutting joinery and pushing a smoother.

But sometimes I'd rather do it by hand. Removing a quarter inch of thickness from a piece of walnut with a Jack Plane is a refreshing workout. It makes the shop smell great, too.

Other times I have to do it by hand. Sometimes I get an chance to work with a big, beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime slab of wood. A slab like that won't fit inside any of my machines. In this case, and tools are the only choice.

And so I say...

Yes, I prefer to use power tools to prepare my stock. And sometimes I choose hand tools.

What are your goals with hand tools?

Do you plan to replace your machines?

Are they a supplement?

Will you use them in the last hours of a project?

Or will you work with them from start to finish?

Hit reply and let me know.

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