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Our in-depth video series will help you build one of these beautiful and iconic post and rung chairs, originally designed by Brian Boggs.


Learn to select the best materials, shape complex parts using drawknife and spokeshave, assemble strong joints with hide glue, and weave a flat reed seat.

You'll also get unlimited access to the most up-to-date versions of our fully illustrated Arm and Side Chair Reference Manuals.



You will recieve updates as videos are added to the series.

Berea Ladderback - Videos and Manuals - Arm/Side Chair

  • After your transaction is complete, your Joint Effort account will automagically be granted access to the entire library of instructional videos for both the Berea Ladderback Arm and Side Chairs (Currently under construction).

    You'll also be given access to the most recent verision of both the Arm and Side Chair Reference Manual pdf's as well as any future updates.

    To make things easy to find, I'll send you handy pdf with all the necessary links.

  • If you've already purchased a manual from me, please contact me for special pricing on the videos.

    If you have a manual from another instructor, you can purchase the videos separately here for $125 and contact your instructor for any avaialable updates to the manuals.

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