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Sunday through Saturday - Ozark, MO


The workbench is the heart of your shop. In this class you'll build the workbench of your dreams and the last one you'll ever need (unless you decide you want more than one).


Personalized and Proven Instruction


The size of this class is limited to 2 students.


Over the course of 7 days, with the help of some heavy duty machines and basic hand tool techniques, you'll build Plate 11 Split-Top Roubo with a Dovetailed End Cap and Benchcrafted hardware.


Every process is broken down into small, manageable steps so that you can concentrate on mastering one task at a time before moving onto the next.


In addition to showing you how, I always explain why, so that you will understand the underlying concepts and how each step fits into the big picture.


This is a physically demanding class, but the effort will be well worth it.


Learn how to:

  • Preparing boards to create large laminations
  • Hand and power tool methods for cutting large scale dovetails
  • Drawbored mortise and tenon construction
  • Planning for wood movement
  • Installation and tuning of Benchcrafted Vise Hardware
  • How to effectively flatten a workbench by hand
  • Fitting and installing a sliding deadman
  • Strategies for complicated glue-ups like those needed lo laminate the Gap-Stop


I'll show you how to safely complete each step using my tools as well as alternative methods so you can put them to use on future builds in your own shop. There will be time for demonstrations on sharpening hand planes and chisels as well as how to setup and sharpen a card scraper.


The completed workbench can be easily disassembled for transport back to your shop. If you plan to fly to class you should expect to spend at least half of the last day of class building a crate and packing it for shipping. I can also do this for a small fee the week after the class ends.


A full tool list will be sent out after your registration is complete




Total cost for the class is $4475.


A $1000 deposit is due at registration. The balance of $3475 will be due 6 weeks before class.


If you need to cancel before this date your deposit will be refunded, less any bank fees. After this date, there will be no refunds.


Class Fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Materials for an all Silver Maple 84" Split-Top Roubo
  • Benchcrafted Glide M Leg Vise
  • Benchcrafted M Tail Vise
  • Barrel Nuts


Materials for any Accessories or Accent Woods are not included in this fee and will be collected separately. Please notify me when you register if you would like any of these special materials.

September 8th-14th, 2024 Split-Top Roubo Class Deposit

  • This $1000 payment is a deposit to reserve your place in the class for the dates listed in the description.

    The balance of the class fee ($3475 plus any additions or upgrades) will be due 6 weeks before the beginning of class.

    This Deposit is refundable, less any processing fees, until 6 weeks before the beginning of class.





  • If the class sells out before you get a chance to grab your spot, you can join the waiting list for free.

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